Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fading And Withered...

"And on thy cheek a fading rose Fast withereth too." ~John Keats

"Fill your papier with the breathings of your heart."
~William Wordsworth

In these last days of Summer I putter about in our gardens in the cool morning hours... I sip tea, read poetry and then spend the remains of the day in my studio with the air on.  I have returned to my first love of watercolor painting for the new Collection SACRED QUIET

  Fading Roses and Withered Wildflowers in earthen shades of Autumn;
 inspired by the Poets.   

"The flowers bloomed and faded.  The sun rose and sank.  The lover loved and went.  And what the poets said in rhyme, the young translated into practice." ~Virginia Woolf

It has been a long, hot, dry Summer and the flowers are withering away..but their beauty causes me to be still and ponder.  Their romance speaks to my soul and reminds me of life's fragility.  I long for the water to fall from the sky, as much as I believe they do.  While we wait for the rain, I paint their withered hearts with water and fading color. 

"Beauty finds me and I fade into quiet."

washed by the sea...

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Peace

"One day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere."
~Psalm 84

Sunday Peace to you.

washed by the sea...

*Photos~ Sea Cottage, La Vie Est Belle book