Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sea Grey Autumn

Autumn has its own harmony

these unique pumpkins in the color of seawater  

The days hold mystery in their subtle glow of grey.  
I listen to music by Alexandre Desplat from The Light Between Oceans
while painting new items for the coming Holidays.
Madonna and Child
in layers of grey and white wash 
an ocean worn patina as if washed by the sea

a vintage piece made of heavy plaster

and more Seawashed Madonnas
 'you can never have too many Madonnas'~JDL  

Seawater Greys 

In our garden under the river birch trees is a table for two

with a moroccan lantern hanging from the branches 
and lace wings

for dining beneath the October moon

and more creating...
petite Sea Treasure boxes 

'with pearls set in gold' and 'earth and sea and sky'
filled with pieces of pearl shells, one whole seashell, vintage ribbon
and comes with a watercolor Sanddollar postcard

and a bit of sewing by hand
Seawashed Hem Banner

made with tattered cotton sewn onto a piece of driftwood with Jeanne d Arc Living lace, a mother of pearl button, a lace pocket that holds a tiny holy card, a vintage piece of ribbon sewn with a sacred metal from Italy and a tattered s e a tag attached with a petite gold pin.  

the shadows of Autumn near by


"There is a harmony in Autumn, and a luster in its sky..."
~Percy B. Shelley

Quiet sunlight flutters through the trees as I create in my studio during these fleeting Autumn days.  Rain is finally on the way.  I can hardly wait to smell the damp earth permeate the air once again.  It has been far too long...months since we have had enough rain to soak the soil.  Though our cosmos still grow wildly and lavender has taken over one of our raised beds.  Tiny white butterflies linger about as I talk to them.  If only this season lasted longer.  Yet I will dance in all its beauty with barefeet and lace hem.  

"...rush out in the rain to be soaked with the sky."

into the rain
washed by the sea

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Photography and words copyright
Kerrie Sanderson Seawashed